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Elasticsearch documentation alfred workflow

An alfred workflow, that queries the Elastic documentation and allows you to open the documentation in a browser directly from Alfred.


Note: You will need the Alfred Powerpack to use this workflow - which is commercial software. Check out the Alfred app website.


You can download the workflow from the packal alfred workflow repository, if you don't want to build it yourself.

Note: You need to have node.js installed to get up and running. You can check by executing node --version, as you need a node version >= 4.0 (which, frankly, should be pretty standard nowadays).


The keyword to trigger the search in Alfred is elastic by default.

You can search across the whole documentation, or you can limit by a product by using something like elastic b beat. These are the available product abbreviations:

Letter Product
b libbeat
mb Metricbeat
pb Packetbeat
tb Topbeat
wb Winlogbeat
fb Filebeat
e Elasticsearch
es Elasticsearch
esg Elasticsearch - The definitive guide
esr Elasticsearch - Reference
esp Elasticsearch - Plugins
x Xpack
m Marvel
w Watcher
s Shield
g Graph
r Reporting
l Logstash
ls Logstash
k Kibana
h Apache Hadoop
c Cloud
ce Cloud Enterprise

In addition when specifying a product, you can also specify a version like elastic w 2.3 execute watch


You need the zip binary installed. Run npm install and then just run npm run package and you will end up with a elastic.alfredworkflow that you can open (doubleclick or call open on the command line) and import. Again, if you just want to use this workflow, download it from the packal repository linked above.


In order to test your workflow it is easier to create a new workflow in Alfred, that points to your development repository with an absolute path pointing to the index.js file. Alternatively you can run the tests to ensure everything works and use the index-cli.js tool to check the output against the suggest endpoint, which does not require you to import any workflow in Alfred at all.

In order to run your tests, just execute npm run test - which will use babel to convert the code to node4 compatible javascript, before running the tests against the created code. As the tests use later node.js features, you need a recent node.js version to actually run the tests (I used 6.3.0 for development).


This is licensed under Apache2 license, because open source...!


  • Colin for testing, feedback, fixes and documentation improvements.
  • Sindre Sorhus for code improvements