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Devon Zuegel

San Francisco, CA

Hello, world! My name is Devon. In my free time, I keep myself busy by making things for other people, including:

I've started this sponsorship page for three reasons:

  1. It costs money to host Small World, and without sponsorship, I'd have to turn off at some point due to the monthly Heroku bill.

  2. Creating high-quality podcasts has significant costs. With your support, I can invest in the best microphone, transcripts, and professional audio editing.

  3. I founded GitHub Sponsors (you're lookin' at it!) and I'm still in touch with the team at GitHub that maintains and builds it. By putting myself in the shoes of sponsored creators, my hope is to gain insights about how to solve more of their problems, which should result in more thoughtful product decisions.

Thanks for any support you give, financial or otherwise! Every bit counts.

6 sponsors have funded devonzuegel’s work.

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Featured work

  1. devonzuegel/sb827

    SB 827 means an affordable place to live could exist on every block

    TypeScript 10
  2. devonzuegel/tagfinder-api

    Modified species detection by mass spectrometry as a service

    Ruby 2
  3. mbj/mutant

    Automated code reviews via mutation testing - semantic code coverage.

    Ruby 1,857
  4. devonzuegel/fiesta

    A statistical machine translator from Spanish to English

    Erlang 3
  5. devonzuegel/aldine

    Syntax highlighting playground for natural language

    JavaScript 17
  6. devonzuegel/mailspring-tea-time-theme

    A Newton-inspired light theme for Mailspring

    CSS 2

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$2 a month


Every little bit counts 🤗

This tells me you value the things I make. Having an impact on people matters deeply to me, so this is a huge motivator.

$6 a month


This funds my love for matcha 🍵

This helps me power through putting together storyboards the Order Without Design podcast without losing steam.

$10 a month


This funds my hosting costs ⛅️

This helps me spend time on things I'm good at rather than fiddling with server configs.

$50 a month


This funds half a transcript of the Order Without Design podcast 🎙

High-quality transcripts are crucial for accessibility, and they make it possible to search for memorable bits of an episode.

$100 a month


This funds a professional audio edit of the Order Without Design podcast 🎧

This tightens up the audio so that every minute packs a punch of information.