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Why sponsoring

Your sponsorship goes directly towards the development and tie maintenance of Psycopg 3 and Psycopg 2, as well as other free-software packages.

Free software development takes a relevant part of my work time, but a fractional part of my income. Currently, two days working for a paying customer contribute to my income as much as one month of free software development.

If you are a Python and PostgreSQL developer, or if you work for a company that use them in your infrastructure, you should consider a sponsorship to help me maintaining the software you use, and, optionally, to have your place on our sponsors page!

What I have done

My main area of expertise is between Python and PostgreSQL. The most successful project in that space has surely been Psycopg, which I've been involved with occasionally since its inception, taking on the role of main contributor since 2010 (with development, documentation, testing, web presence) and making it become the de-facto standard adapter. The Psycopg 3 project started in 2020 and became production-ready around the end of 2021. It is actively developed and the state of the art of the communication between Python and PostgreSQL, in terms of performances and features.

Aside from Psycopg, I have developed and maintain several other projects, some of which can be considered the industry standard for their task:

There are another number of projects I would like to develop, but I find my time constrained:

  • replisome: a framework for flexible replication and messaging for PostgreSQL
  • bromine: a Pythonic wrapper to write Selenium tests with Python idioms.
  • pg_seldump: a tool to extract selective data from PostgreSQL databases in a way more flexible than pg_dump
  • pgaudit: a simple audit solution for PostgreSQL data

What I want to do

I am currently working as a consultant with my personal company, Codice Lieve, and my paying customers make the activity viable. However the projects I am currently working at don't allow me a great deal of time for free software development.

Some projects of mine are in the need of attention. While I do receive messages and requests about them, it rarely develops into concrete support. Receiving sponsorship for these projects would be an excellent incentive to address their shortcomings, bitrot, and develop new features.

It would be nice to skew my time distribution again towards developing more free software, or solutions around free software, to help improving the whole ecosystem.

If your projects depend on the software I maintain, Psycopg or others, please don't hesitate to get in touch to figure out how to improve both your projects and the software available to the wider community.


For a practical use of the generosity space, please find some monthly donation suggestions in convenient powers of two.

Because not everyone is keen on recurring support, one-off contributions are welcome too.

Thank you very much for your support!

Current sponsors 37

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Featured work

  1. psycopg/psycopg

    New generation PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language

    Python 1,602
  2. psycopg/psycopg2

    PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language

  3. reorg/pg_repack

    Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks

  4. pgxn/pgxnclient

    A command line client for the PostgreSQL Extension Network

    Python 133
  5. dvarrazzo/pgmp

    PostgreSQL Multiple Precision Arithmetic extension

  6. dvarrazzo/pg_seldump

    PostgreSQL selective data dump

    Python 12

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$ a month

You'll receive any rewards listed in the $16 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

$16 a month


Your name or your organization's name will be mentioned in a project's SPONSOR file.

$64 a month


On top of the above you will have access to a dedicated chat where you can ask questions and obtain support on some of the projects I maintain.

$128 a month


On top of the above you will have 1 hour/month of exclusive support available on your project for development, integration, training or what you prefer.

$512 a month


Your name or company will be mentioned on the psycopg homepage or another project of your choice.

You will also have 4 hours/month of exclusive support for your projects.

$1,024 a month


On top of the above your logo (in a non-intrusive version, think Roland-Garros green-on-green) will be published at the bottom of the psycopg documentation pages.

If you prefer material goods, you will receive a high quality print (e.g. acrylic print) of one of my photos. Each photo will be printed in only one copy.

You will also have up to 8 hours/month of exclusive support for your projects.