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Become a sponsor to Ethan Lee

With your sponsorship, I can continue to maintain and develop various FOSS projects that power many Linux games available today, including some of my own!

In addition to my own projects, like FNA and FAudio, you'll also see me maintaining projects like SDL and MojoShader. You'll even see my name pop up in various commit logs across many native Linux projects, such as ANGLE, Unreal Engine, and gpuvis.

Your contributions make my contributions possible!

66 sponsors are funding flibitijibibo’s work.


If this goal is achieved, 50% of my operating expenses will be covered by sponsorships - I will be able to focus more on long-term maintenance without having to subsidize it with unrelated short-term projects.


Featured work


    FNA - Accuracy-focused XNA4 reimplementation for open platforms

  2. FNA-XNA/FAudio

    FAudio - Accuracy-focused XAudio reimplementation for open platforms

    C++ 398

    FNA3D - 3D Graphics Library for FNA

  4. TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV

    The source code to VVVVVV!

    ActionScript 6,429
  5. libsdl-org/SDL

    Simple Directmedia Layer

  6. flibitijibibo/SDL2-CS

    SDL2# - C# Wrapper for SDL2

85% towards $1,250 per month goal

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@bitkidinc @danielcrenna @ttyborg @FrozenChameleon @clarvalon

rfht and 64 others sponsor this goal

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$5 a month


In a year this donation will grow to the price of a single AAA game! I will do my best to produce equivalent entertainment in that time. :)

$10 a month


Access to a special #trash channel in the FNA Discord. This is a good place for rubber ducking and venting about how nothing works anymore. (Except what we wrote, which is obviously perfect)

$25 a month


You'll show up as a Sponsor in the release notes for every FNA, FAudio, and FNA3D release you're subscribed for!

$125 a month


This is a rough equivalent of what successful indie developers spend on a proprietary middleware for their games. Imagine if you spent that on FOSS middlewares instead!

You'll show up as a Super Sponsor in the release notes for every FNA, FAudio, and FNA3D release you're subscribed for!