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Become a sponsor to Luke Dashjr

As the longest-contributing Bitcoin Core developer, I've been working on Bitcoin since the start of 2011, primarily involving ongoing development, but also including research (of possible future improvements), community education, handling security issues, etc.

(If you wish to sponsor me half or full time, please contact me privately. Arrangements can include things like participation in your company's meetings, if desired.)

65 sponsors are funding luke-jr’s work.


Featured work

  1. luke-jr/bfgminer

    Modular ASIC/FPGA miner written in C, featuring overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities.

  2. bitcoin/bitcoin

    Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

  3. bitcoin/bips

    Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

    Wikitext 7,067

Select a tier

$5 a month



Probably not the healthiest meal, but I eat cheap food like ramen, yogurt, and such pretty often. This tier should cover a quick meal once a week or so.

$10 a month



Humans (which I happen to be) are omnivores, and need meat for a healthy diet. It's not really measurable, but I probably code better eating meat regularly. You can cover the cost of a steak once a month with this tier.

$25 a month



Everyone needs water. Unfortunately, it isn't quite free. I think this tier should cover a good chunk of my water costs.

$75 a month



My dedicated server mirrors many Bitcoin projects and releases, monitors the overall network health, prepares and shares stats thereon, etc. With this tier, you can cover my hosting costs.

$225 a month



LTE is currently the best option for internet service where I live. Includes amortised phone/equipment costs. Code doesn't do any good unless I can publish it, so it makes sense to keep me online.

$450 a month



No, I'm not using it to mine. :) I live in Florida, so my air conditioning needs to be running a lot, especially in the summer (some bills hit $600/mo!). I don't work very well in extreme heat, so covering my electric bills will help keep me productive.

$750 a month


Health insurance.

Actually just a healthcare sharing program to save money. It doesn't really cover anything, but if I don't have it, the government will force me to pay even more in taxes. :(

$1,050 a month



I'm an advocate for homeschooling, but unfortunately it's not very practical for me right now. This tier covers tuition for one of my children, and helps keep me free to spend more time on Bitcoin.