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Become a sponsor to MicroPython

MicroPython is a reimplementation of the Python programming language designed to run on microcontrollers and embedded systems. It is a liberally (MIT) licensed project used by a vast and diverse range of users all over the world, from hobbyists to education, research to industry. It is used in many commercial products and by entities such as the European Space Agency, Lego, Adafruit, the BBC micro:bit, and many others.

The MicroPython organisation's main objectives are to maintain the software - fix bugs and add features. But it also has a role in fostering the community through the forum, meetups and at conferences (eg PyCon).

The core values are integrity, excellence and to maintain the philosophy of MicroPython, to ensure the software is of very high quality and robust so it can be relied upon in real embedded products that last 10+ years. We also value community input, bug reports, pull requests and discussion to guide the software in the right direction.

Sponsorship is key to maintaining the long-term health of the project, and funds will go towards:

  • continued maintenance of the software;
  • recruiting additional maintainers for things like GitHub issue/PR triage and review;
  • funding purchase of development boards for new platforms and other test equipment for maintainers and other contributors;
  • offering bounties for finding and fixing critical bugs, and for improving test coverage;
  • investigating opportunities for paid development and paid documentation improvements.

If you use and rely on MicroPython then please consider becoming a sponsor! If none of the available tiers of sponsorship suit you then contact us directly for more options.


This will allow us to hire an additional maintainer.

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  1. micropython/micropython

    MicroPython - a lean and efficient Python implementation for microcontrollers and constrained systems

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$1 a month


Supporter - MicroPython is a cool project!

$5 a month


Hobbyist - I use MicroPython in my home projects and want to show my support for its continued development.

$20 a month


Professional - I use MicroPython in my work or for large projects and want to ensure it's available in the long term.

$100 a month


Organisation - We use MicroPython in our organisation to help develop amazing embedded products and it saves us a lot of developer time. We want to make sure there are enough funds to maintain MicroPython as a professional piece of software to be relied upon long in to the future.

$500 a month


Feature development - Our projects rely on MicroPython and we'd like to see some focused development on certain features that we need. We'd like our sponsorship to be used to fund a few hours per month of development of such features. (Contact to discuss)

$2,000 a month


Gold sponsor - MicroPython is a key part of our platform, and we'd like our sponsorship to go towards maintaining and enhancing the parts of MicroPython that are needed for our platform. (Contact to discuss)