SVG path to source code conversion library, tools and sample


This is a C# library to ease converting SVG paths into source code.

There's only a single backend (initially) that produce C# code targeting CoreGraphics, i.e. for MonoTouch and MonoMac, but it's fully extensible and provide helpers (e.g. to create SVG arcs from bezier curves).

A few tools are provided:

  • convert-font-awesome : will convert FontAwesome SVG paths into a (large) C# file;

  • svgpath2code : a command line tool that accept the SVG path data and output source code;

  • SvgPatherCoder : a GUI tool for OSX (that you can build with MonoMac or Xamarin.Mac);

A sample application (useful for screenshots ;-) is also included in the AwesomeDemo directory.


The library and tools are licensed under the the GNU LGPL 2 license only (no "later versions")

The samples is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Note that the source code that is produced by the tools falls under the license of the original SVG path.


MonoTouch Sample