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Spreadcoin Mining Guide

Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded the Spreadcoin client and the miner that suits your graphics card. (AMD or Nvidia) You can find all of these download links below.

Client Download (version, released January 24, 2015)

Windows wallet (32-bit) - being restored

Windows wallet (64-bit) - available

Linux wallet (32-bit) - being restored

Linux wallet (64-bit) - being restored

Mac OS X wallet - being restored

Source code

####AMD GPU Miner Windows binary:

Source code:

You need latest drivers to use this miner. Known to work on 14.9+ installed from file named amd-catalyst-14-9-win7-win8.1-64bit-dd-ccc-whql.exe from

####Nvidia GPU Miner

Win32 binary:


Step 2: You only need to do this step if you have an ENCRYPTED wallet

So first off, head to %appdata%/Spreadcoin. You can find it by opening windows explorer and typing it into the bar at the top: Searching for %appdata%/Spreadcoin with windows explorer

Press Enter. Now you will be taken to a folder named Spreadcoin with a few files in it. I'm going to assume you don't have a spreadcoin.conf file in this folder.

Now you need to right click and create a new text document as shown below.

Creating a new text document in the Spreadcoin folder we navigated to before

Leave it named as "New Text Document". Now open the document and paste this text into it:

miningprivkey= <we will fill this section out later>

Now we can save the file. But we need to name it spreadcoin.conf so click file > save as

Now make sure to change "Save as type" from "Text Documents (.txt)" to "All Files (.*)" Then type the file name as "spreadcoin.conf" and click save.

Now you should see a new file called "spreadcoin.conf" in the Spreadcoin directory. If you can't see it there then you might need to refresh the page but if you can see it there then you can minimize the file explorer window as we will come back to it later.

Step 3: Now you can extract the Spreadcoin wallet that you downloaded earlier from the zip file and run it. (You may need to install 7-zip) (if you already had the latest wallet downloaded and running then you can skip this step)

Step 4: Follow this step ONLY if you have an ENCRYPTED wallet.

Create a new address that you would like your miner to mine to and copy it to the clipboard. This address will be slightly insecure as you will need to expose the private key to your miner.

In the Spreadcoin client in the toolbar at the top click Tools > Debug Console

Then type "walletpassphrase <your wallet password> 120"

Now type dumpprivkey <wallet address> where the wallet address is the address you copied to your clipboard before.

Ok so if I had a wallet and the password was: 123abc

And the address was: spraddress123

Then the command I would type into the debug window would be:

walletpassphrase 123abc 120


dumpprivkey spraddress123

The wallet will reply with the corresponding private key. You will need to copy this key and then open up the spreadcoin.conf file you minimized before.

Type miningprivkey=<paste the key you copied out of the spreadcoin client here>

You can now save and close the spreadcoin.conf file. Once you have done that you will need to restart your Spreadcoin wallet.

Step 5: Now that the wallet is up and running you can extract your miner from it's zip file. Navigate to the folder you extracted it to and find the file named "start.bat". Depending on your computer the file may not have ".bat" on the end. Then you can right click > edit.

Now you might need to erase everything except the word "sgminer" (it worked for me) and then you can proceed to add custom modifications to the default values. To find these commands, you need to type -help onto the end of sgminer in the .bat file.

My start.bat file is very simple and looks like this:

sgminer -I 20

-I 20 means "Set the intensity to 20". You can change 20 to be any number from 8 - 31. Higher is better but your graphics card may not be able to handle the load if your intensity is very high.

For Nvidia users, the included example.bat should work right off the bat (no pun intended) so all you need to do is run it.

Now you can run start.bat and it'll (hopefully) look something like this (for AMD users):

sgminer running properly

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