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Added code for extra properties:

  • spring.jms.pubSubDomain - defaults to true (topic style)
  • spring.activemq.inMemory - default to true, returning vm://localhost from getBrokerURL. Switching to false flips brokerURL whatever is in spring.activemq.brokerURL.
  • spring.activemq.brokerURL - defaults to tcp://localhost:61616, the default installation URL for ActiveMQ standalone broker. This is overridden when spring.activemq.inMemory is true.
gregturn and others added some commits Sep 20, 2013
@gregturn gregturn Add support for spring.jms and spring.activemq 18a6428
@gregturn gregturn Add more tests to verify ActiveMQConnectionFactory pooling bea745c
@gregturn gregturn Put static imports at the bottom a12fccc
@dsyer @gregturn dsyer Fixes #55: stop() connector to unbind socket
The `Tomcat.start()` has to happen to initialize the `ServletContext`
but we can immediately stop the connector and then restart it when
the context is finished refreshing. Seems to make curl fail quickly
if an app is slow to start.

That last commit is because I did another git fetch && git merge upstream/master, and the git rebased my branch against master. It drove to do a git pull --rebase on this branch, and for some reason thought this was important. Hopefully it will merge cleanly.


That is what happens when you commit before running ALL the tests.


The last commit should make this feature integrate nicely, i.e. not collide with the up-and-coming RabbitTemplate autodetection pull request.

dsyer commented Sep 26, 2013

Merged, thanks

@dsyer dsyer closed this Sep 26, 2013
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