Spring Framework Versions

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This document describes new features, noteworthy changes, and provides guidance on upgrading from earlier versions. If you see anything missing or inaccurate, please submit a pull-request against individual pages, or create a ticket in JIRA.

Supported Versions

  • 5.1.x is the latest and recommended line
  • 5.0.x has been superseded by 5.1.x, but is supported for Boot 2.0's lifetime still (~ March 2019)
  • 4.3.x is the last branch of the 4th generation, it's got an extended support life until 2020 so you can migrate your applications to the latest generation safely
  • 3.2.x is EOL, no further maintenance releases are planned in that line

We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest Spring Framework 5.1.x or 4.3.x release listed on spring.io/spring-framework.

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