Spring HATEOAS - Library to support implementing representations for hyper-text driven REST web services.
Latest commit 642b673 Aug 31, 2016 @olivergierke olivergierke #486 - Fixed assignment checks of ResolvableTypes for wildcarded meth…
…od return types.

ResourceProcessorInvoker suffered from Spring's ResolvableType.fromClass(…) using strong assignability checks between raw types and wildcarded right hand side types (i.e. Collection VS. Collection<?>). This has been reported [0] and fixed already but we have to switch to ResolvableType.fromRawClass(…) to get the desired assignment check behavior.

Tightened unit tests to verify the calls to the delegate handler, which had been disabled by accident and thus prevented us from detecting the issue with ResolvableType beforehand.

[0] https://jira.spring.io/browse/SPR-14648


Spring Hateoas

This project provides some APIs to ease creating REST representations that follow the HATEOAS principle when working with Spring and especially Spring MVC. The core problem it tries to address is link creation and representation assembly.