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Spring Session

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Spring Session provides an API and implementations for managing a user’s session information, while also making it trivial to support clustered sessions without being tied to an application container specific solution. It also provides transparent integration with:

  • HttpSession - allows replacing the HttpSession in an application container (i.e. Tomcat) neutral way, with support for providing session IDs in headers to work with RESTful APIs.

  • WebSocket - provides the ability to keep the HttpSession alive when receiving WebSocket messages

  • WebSession - allows replacing the Spring WebFlux’s WebSession in an application container neutral way.


Spring Session consists of the following modules:

  • Spring Session Core - provides core Spring Session functionalities and APIs

  • Spring Session Data Redis - provides SessionRepository and ReactiveSessionRepository implementation backed by Redis and configuration support

  • Spring Session JDBC - provides SessionRepository implementation backed by a relational database and configuration support

  • Spring Session Hazelcast - provides SessionRepository implementation backed by Hazelcast and configuration support

Code of Conduct

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Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

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Spring Session Project Site

You can find the documentation, issue management, support, samples, and guides for using Spring Session at


Spring Session is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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