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CakePHP StateMachine Plugin

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StateMachine engine for CakePHP applications.

This branch is for use with CakePHP 4.2+. For details see version map.


  • Easy to use and modify
  • Live preview as rendered image
  • Simple admin interface included.

Note: This plugin is a sandbox/showcase for state machines. Use with Caution.


License is not open source, but open code.

The plugin is offered are provided free of charge by Spryker Systems GmbH and can be used in any CakePHP project. They are experimental and under the Spryker Sandbox License (see LICENSE file). However, Spryker does not warrant or assume any liability for errors that occur during use. Spryker does not guarantee their full functionality neither does Spryker assume liability for any disadvantages related to the use of the experimental plugin. Spryker does not guarantee any updates, upgrades or similar to the experimental plugin. By installing the experimental plugin, the project agrees to these terms of use. Please check LICENSE every 90 days.



StateMachine plugin requires GraphViz. Please check in order to install it for your system.

Composer (preferred)

composer require spryker/cakephp-statemachine


Enable the plugin in your config/bootstrap.php or call

bin/cake plugin load StateMachine

Run migrations:

bin/cake migrations migrate -p StateMachine

Or just copy the migration file into your app src/config/Migrations/, modify if needed, and then run it as part of your app migrations.

Fully tested so far are PostgreSQL and MySQL, but by using the ORM all major databases should be supported.


Navigate to http://example.local/admin/state-machine to view your currently setup state machines.

See Documentation for more details.