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This module is a SQL Server DBA's best friend.

The dbatools project initially started out as Start-SqlMigration.ps1, but has now grown into a collection of over 180 commands that help automate DBA tasks and encourage best practices.

See the getting started page on dbatools.io for more information.

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Got ideas for new commands? Please propose them as issues and let us know what you'd like to see. Bug reports should also be filed under this repository's issues section.

There's also over 500 of us on the SQL Server Community Slack in the #dbatools channel. Need an invite? Check out the self-invite page. Drop by if you'd like to chat about dbatools or even join the team!


This module is now in the PowerShell Gallery. Run the following from an administrative prompt to install:

Install-Module dbatools

Or if you don't have a version of PowerShell that supports the Gallery, you can install it manually:

Invoke-Expression (Invoke-WebRequest https://dbatools.io/in)

dbatools.io is awesome

This module has been documented in its entirety pretty much, using Markdown, at dbatools.io. Please go visit there, it's pretty. To skip right to the documentation, visit the functions page or you can start with the getting started page.