A set of AssertJ helpers geared toward testing Android.
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AssertJ Android

A set of AssertJ assertions geared toward testing Android.

Writing tests is not the most glamorous part of developing an Android application but it is an invaluable one. Using libraries like JUnit and AssertJ provide a great starting point for writing tests.

This library is an extension of AssertJ which aims to make it even easier to test Android.


  • AssertJ Android:

  • Regular JUnit:

    assertEquals(View.GONE, view.getVisibility());
  • Regular AssertJ:


When failing, the AssertJ Android assertion produces an output which allows you to immediately recognize the problem: Expected visibility <gone> but was <invisible>.

Compare that to the output of regular AssertJ Expected:<[8]> but was:<[4]> and regular JUnit Expected: <8> but was: <4> and you should immediately see the advantage.

Because AssertJ Android offers assertions directly on objects rather than properties they can be chained together.

  • AssertJ Android:

  • Regular JUnit:

    assertEquals(View.VISIBLE, layout.getVisibility());
    assertEquals(VERTICAL, layout.getOrientation());
    assertEquals(4, layout.getChildCount());
    assertEquals(SHOW_DIVIDERS_MIDDLE, layout.getShowDividers());
  • Regular AssertJ:


Assertions exist for nearly every object that you would ever want to test, from LinearLayout to ActionBar to Fragment to MenuItem. Everything in the support library is included too.

To get started writing tests add the following import:

import static org.assertj.android.api.Assertions.assertThat;

Add-On Modules

Modules are also provided for the add-on Android libraries. Add the dependency (listed below) and use the following imports:

  • support-v4: import static org.assertj.android.support.v4.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • play-services: import static org.assertj.android.playservices.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • appcompat-v7: import static org.assertj.android.appcompat.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • mediarouter-v7: import static org.assertj.android.mediarouter.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • gridlayout-v7: import static org.assertj.android.gridlayout.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • cardview-v7: import static org.assertj.android.cardview.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • recyclerview-v7: import static org.assertj.android.recyclerview.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;
  • palette-v7: import static org.assertj.android.palette.v7.api.Assertions.assertThat;


The provided assertions have also been designed to be extended for any custom controls you have developed.

public class CustomLayout extends LinearLayout {
  public int getBehavior() {
    /* ... */

Use the following pattern to set up your assertions.

public class CustomLayoutAssert extends AbstractLinearLayoutAssert<CustomLayoutAssert, CustomLayout> {
  public static CustomLayoutAssert assertThat(CustomLayout actual) {
    return new CustomLayoutAssert(actual);

  public CustomLayoutAssert(CustomLayout actual) {
    super(actual, CustomLayoutAssert.class);

  public CustomLayoutAssert hasSomeBehavior() {
        .overridingErrorMessage("Expected some behavior but was doing other behavior.")
    return this;

Now static import CustomLayoutAssert.assertThat in your test classes.

For more information about writing custom assertions see the official documentation.


Android module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android:1.1.1'

support-v4 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-support-v4:1.1.1'

Google Play Services module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-play-services:1.1.1'

appcompat-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-appcompat-v7:1.1.1'

Design library module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-design:1.1.1'

mediarouter-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-mediarouter-v7:1.1.1'

gridlayout-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-gridlayout-v7:1.1.1'

cardview-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-cardview-v7:1.1.1'

recyclerview-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-recyclerview-v7:1.1.1'

palette-v7 module:

androidTestCompile 'com.squareup.assertj:assertj-android-palette-v7:1.1.1'

Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.


Copyright 2013 Square, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.