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Automated system testing for autonomous vehicles
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Awesome automated integration-test generation for robotic systems.

Getting Started

We strongly encourage installing houston within a Python virtual environment, created via virtualenv or pipenv). To (create and) enter a pipenv project for houston, execute the following:

$ pipenv shell
(houston) $ ...

Before installing houston, Z3 must be installed from source within the virtual environment:

(houston) $ git clone local-z3
(houston) $ cd local-z3
(houston) $ python scripts/
(houston) $ cd build
(houston) $ make install -j4
(houston) $ export PYTHONPATH="${PWD}/python:${PYTHONPATH}"

Once Z3 is installed, houston can be installed via:

(houston) $ pip install .

Executing a test case

import houston
import bugzoo

# we use BugZoo to provide an executable snapshot for the system under test
bz = bugzoo.BugZoo()
snapshot = bz.bugs['ardu:X']

# we produce a description of the system under test
sut = houston.ardu.ArduRover(snapshot)

# we generate a test case
# ...

# we
# ...
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