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d2info is a tool for viewing/outputting various information about a running Diablo II game (by reading the memory used by the game).

Currently, it provides the following information:

  • Experience per minute over different time periods:
    • Real time (since the character was first seen by the d2info process)
    • In-game time (only includes time that the character is in a game, not paused, etc)
    • Current game
    • Last game (xp/min of the last game at the point of save+quit)
  • Estimated time until the next level, using the various exp/min readings
  • Number of runs finished, average xp/min per run, estimated runs until the next level
  • Number of experience 'ticks' gained (pixels filled in the experience bar)
  • Information about the current area, like monster level and % xp gain (unfinished, disabled by default; see SHOW_AREA_INFORMATION in the config)

Supports Diablo II versions 1.13c, 1.13d, 1.14b, 1.14c, and 1.14d (D2SE and/or PlugY are also supported). It can also be used on LAN and private multiplayer servers (if it's allowed), however it is not recommended to use it on, as it will most likely be considered a cheat and could result in a ban.


Simply grab the latest .exe build from the releases page and run it (as administrator).

Note: You'll probably want to put the .exe in its own folder, as it will output various files relative to its location

Running using Lua


The information is output to both the console window and to individual text files (in the directory output, relative to d2info) to allow the info to be easily added to stream overlays.

Console output example:

CharName (level 96 & 32.85%)
/players 8

Run #6:
 207.8k xp/min (734.2k xp in 3m32s)
 13h until level 97 at this rate

Last run:
 160.7k xp/min (576.0k xp in 3m35s)
 17h until level 97 at this rate

Average run:
 165.0k xp/min (521.0k xp in 3m09s)
 315 runs until level 97

This session:
 +1.6 ticks (+1.36%)
 Next tick in 675.2k xp
 177.8k xp/min (3.3m xp in 19m19s)
 15h until level 97 at this rate

Tick Party

The file output/tick-party.txt can be used in conjunction with the OBS script Txt Trigger to show OBS source(s) (video, audio, etc) whenever an experience tick is gained (i.e. when a new pixel is filled in).

Txt Trigger settings

The above settings will use the d2info config option TICK_PARTY_DURATION for the amount of time the source(s) are shown. Alternatively, you can uncheck 'Make source(s) visible for as long as file contents match' and set the duration in OBS.


  • DiabloInterface for information about the memory layout of D2 and techniques for reading its memory
  • PlugY for information about the memory layout of D2 and how to determine the version of the game process


Tool for viewing/outputting various information about a running Diablo II game





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