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C library for parsing items in Diablo II character/stash files
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work in progress, everything is subject to change

d2itemreader is a C library for parsing Diablo II character/stash files (.d2s, .d2x, and .sss) and retrieving data about the items contained inside them. It also tries to avoid any assumptions about the game version or game data, so that it can work with modded files (provided the library is initialized with the relevant modded .txt files on startup).


Most API functions in d2itemreader.h work in the following way:

  • There is a <struct>_parse function that takes a pointer to a struct and returns a d2err enum.
    • If the function returns D2ERR_OK, then the function succeeded and the struct will need to be cleaned up using the corresponding _destroy function.
    • If the function returns anything other than D2ERR_OK, then the _destroy function does not need to be called; any allocated memory is cleaned up by the _parse or _init function before it returns an error.
    • The out_bytesRead parameter will always be set regardless of the result of the _parse function. On failure, it will contain the number of bytes read before the error occured.

On program startup, you will need to initialize a d2gamedata struct with the data from some of Diablo II's .txt files found in its .mpq archives. For convenience, d2itemreader bundles the relevant data from the latest .txt files (1.14d), which can be loaded by calling:

d2gamedata gameData;
d2err err = d2gamedata_init_default(&gameData);

If the d2gamedata_init function returns D2ERR_OK, the following function should be called on shutdown (or when you're done using the d2itemreader library):


After the d2gamedata_init function is called, you can parse files like so:

const char *filename = "path/to/file";

// determine the filetype if it is not known in advance
enum d2filetype filetype = d2filetype_of_file(filename);

if (filetype != D2FILETYPE_D2_CHARACTER)
	fprintf(stderr, "File is not a d2 character file: %s\n", filename);

size_t bytesRead;
d2char character;
d2err err = d2char_parse_file(filename, &character, &gameData, &bytesRead);
if (err != D2ERR_OK)
	fprintf(stderr, "Failed to parse %s: %s at byte 0x%zx\n", filename, d2err_str(err), bytesRead);
	// don't need to call d2char_destroy, the memory is cleaned up when _parse returns an error
	// do something with the character data
	int numUniques = 0;

	for (int i=0; i<character.items.count; i++)
		d2item* item = &character.items.items[i];
		if (item->rarity == D2RARITY_UNIQUE)

	printf("Number of unique items in %s: %d", filename, numUniques);

	// clean up the memory allocated when parsing the character file


  • nokka/d2s - much of the d2s parsing of d2itemreader is ported from nokka/d2s
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