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Warning: This is a proof of concept. Expect very little to work and everything to change.

Kingfig is a tool to manage your and your team's settings on different web services via configuration files. Discover a change to your Github repository settings, and wish you could know who on your team made the change, and what the context was? With Kingfig, since you make changes to these settings with config files, you can use Version Control to track changes, and don't have to depend on the products you're using have "history" features.

In its current form, it only supports updating Github repositories, but the idea is that it will support a plugin system that makes supporting other web services really easy to do.


This was inspired by tools like Terraform and Ansible.


For now, this is only available via source. Please follow the instructions for installing Go. Once Go is installed, you can run:

$ git clone 
$ cd kingfig/
$ go install .
$ kingfig --help

Example Usage

As mentioned before, kingfig currently only supports updating Github repositories.

Steps to use this:

  1. Make a folder to store your kingfig configs
  2. Generate a Github API Token
  3. Write a YAML file that contains your Github authorization information at the path ~/.kingfig/auth.yaml
# ~/.kingfig/auth.yaml
github_api_token: $YOUR_GITHUB_API_TOKEN
  1. For an existing Github repo you'd like to manage the settings for, run:
$ kingfig new -o sids_repo.yaml --resource-name sids_repo GithubRepository squidarth rubocop-assist

In this case, my repo is squidarth/rubocop-assist.

  1. This will generate a file that looks like this:
# sids_repo.yaml
    description: Webapp to help write rubocop rules well
    owner: squidarth
    has_issues_enabled: true
    has_projects_enabled: true
    has_wiki_enabled: true
    name: rubocop-assist
    id: MDEwOlJlcG9zaXRvcnkxMDA4OTcwNjA=
    template: true

Go ahead and modify, say, the description field in this file.

  1. Run kingfig apply --no-dry-run to actually apply the changes to your Github repo

Current Integrations

  • Github Repositories

Coming up soon

  • Have some automated tool for writing the authorization file (there are too many steps to getting set up right now)

How you can help

The next step for getting this to an alpha stage would be building integrations with tools that people would love this for. Go ahead and make a Github issue is there's a tool you would love to have managed with a config file!

As I continue to build this, I would also love feedback on making a plugin API that's convenient and nice to use, and requires little knowledge of how this tool is built. I

Also, help me come up with a better name!!


A tool for managing web application settings via config files







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