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Lightweight tool for slicing
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srcSlice basic beta

Still does not include:
-Interprocedural slicing
-Branch checking
-A complete set of unit tests
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Lightweight tool for slicing

NOTE: Current version of srcSlice in the master branch is a new version that will take advantage of the event dispatcher framework. If you'd like the working version of srcSlice, switch to the "old" srcslice branch.

To build srcSlice:

  1. Clone the repository with 'git clone --recursive' into the desired directory. Make sure you include the --recursive as srcSlice includes a submodule that must also be cloned.

  2. Outside of the cloned directory, create a new directory for the build. (This guide assumes the new directory is at the same directory tree level as the cloned directory)

  3. Enter the new directory (not the cloned one) and type 'cmake ../{cloned directory}'

  4. After cmake runs, simply type 'make' and all files should be built.

  5. Once everything is built, go into the 'bin' folder and that's where the executable will be.

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