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sridharv Replace the generated jar atomically
Fixes #8

This change creates a temporary file in the directory of the target jar.
The temporary file contains the generated jar and is atomically
renamed to the actual jar.

Thanks to @arfan for reporting this bug.
Latest commit 891bb03 Jan 17, 2018


GoJava - Java bindings to Go packages Build Status

GoJava uses a forked version of gomobile to generate Java bindings to Go packages. The same set of types are supported. Details on how the binding works can be found here.


	gojava [-v] [-o <jar>] [-s <dir>] build [<pkg1>, [<pkg2>...]]

	This generates a jar containing Java bindings to the specified Go packages.

	-o string
	    Path to write the generated jar file. (default "libgojava.jar")
	-s string
	    Additional path to scan for Java source code. These files will be compiled and
	    included in the final jar.
	-v  Verbose output.

You can include the generated jar in your build using the build tool of your choice. The jar contains a native library (built for the build platform) which is loaded automatically. Cross platform builds are not currently supported.

NOTE: This has only been tested on an OSX developer machine and Linux (on Travis) and not in production.