AceStream engine for ARM devices
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androidfs update to 3.1.30 May 3, 2018 Update May 11, 2018
acestream.conf update to 3.1.24 Feb 24, 2018
acestream.service update to 3.1.24 Feb 24, 2018
acestream.start update to 3.1.30 May 3, 2018
acestream.stop update to 3.1.24 Feb 24, 2018


AceStream engine for Raspberry Pi 2/3 (and probably other ARM devices)

Wrapper for latest official ARM version from

Runs embedded Python in chrooted environment to mimic Android fs on Linux.

Original author pepsik-kiev

Engine version can be checked via HTTP:


Starting from version 3.1.30 WebUI is available at:


(ReplaceMe string is set as --access-token in acestream.conf)


  1. Unzip latest release to /opt/acestream

  2. Edit androidfs/acestream.engine/acestream.conf: change --login and --password

  3. Run /opt/acestream/acestream.start


    Copy acestream.service to /etc/systemd/system

    Enable service to run at boot and start it: systemctl enable acestream; systemctl start acestream


  1. Stop acestream service by running /opt/acestream/acestream.stop
  2. rm -rf /opt/acestream