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Emulated Woz Machine
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Emulated Woz Machine

Build Status


Two years ago between christmas and new year I wrote a tiny and incomplete 6502 emulator and turned it into an original Apple 1 emulator. It was a fun and nostalgic project to work on. I grew up with the Apple II and never had a change to see an Apple 1 in action.

A few weeks ago I decided to pick this project up again. I am extremely motivated to turn this into a high quality emulator that supports the Apple 1, Replica 1, Apple ][+ and Apple IIe. Some of that work is really close to being finished, other work will take many months of spare time hacking.

Goals & Status

Here are some of the things I want to accomplish for each emulated machine:

CPU Emulator

  • 6502 support
  • 65C02 support
  • Tracing facility
  • Debugger
  • Speed throttling

Apple 1

8K / 6502 / Classic ROM

  • Terminal based emulation
  • Classic display emulation (SDL based)
  • Cassette interface

Replica 1

32K / 65C02 / KRUSADER ROM

  • Terminal based emulation
  • Classic display emulation (SDL based)
  • Cassette interface
  • CFFA1 Support

Apple ][+

48K / 6502

  • Basic Apple ][+ architecture implementation - In progress
  • Disk II emulation - In progress
  • Display Emulation - 40 Column mode
  • Display Emulation - Low resolution graphics
  • Apple Language Card
  • Joystick Support
  • Audio Support
  • Display Emulation - High resolution graphics - Mostly works.

Building the emulator

cd src

Running the emulator

From the command line:

./src/ewm two --color --drive1 disks/DOS33-SamplePrograms.dsk
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