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C# API for TeamCity - Please note this has had major architectural changes. This will not be backwards compatible so careful when updating
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*.NET Library to access TeamCity via their REST API.

For more information on TeamCity visit:


Please find the release notes here



There are 2 ways to use TeamCitySharp:

  • install-package TeamCitysharp (via Nuget)
  • Download source and compile

Build Monitor

  • There is a sample build monitor built with TeamCitySharp. It can be found at TeamCityMonitor

Sample Usage

To get a list of projects

var client = new TeamCityClient("localhost:81");
client.Connect("admin", "qwerty");
var projects = client.Projects.All();

To get a list of running builds

var client = new TeamCityClient("localhost:81");
client.Connect("admin", "qwerty");
var builds = client.Builds.ByBuildLocator(BuildLocator.RunningBuilds());

Connecting to a server

To connect as an authenticated user:

var client = new TeamCityClient("localhost:81");
client.Connect("username", "password");

To connect as a Guest:

var client = new TeamCityClient("localhost:81");

API Interaction Groups

There are many tasks that the TeamCity API can do for us. TeamCitySharp groups these tasks into specialist areas

  • Builds
  • Projects
  • BuildConfigs
  • ServerInformation
  • Users
  • Agents
  • VcsRoots
  • Changes
  • BuildArtifacts

Each area has its own list of methods available


List<Build> SuccessfulBuildsByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
Build LastSuccessfulBuildByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
List<Build> FailedBuildsByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
Build LastFailedBuildByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
Build LastBuildByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
List<Build> ErrorBuildsByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
Build LastErrorBuildByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
List<Build> ByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
List<Build> ByConfigIdAndTag(string buildConfigId, string tag);
List<Build> ByUserName(string userName);
List<Build> ByBuildLocator(BuildLocator locator);
List<Build> AllSinceDate(DateTime date);
List<Build> AllBuildsOfStatusSinceDate(DateTime date, BuildStatus buildStatus);
List<Build> NonSuccessfulBuildsForUser(string userName);
Build LastBuildByAgent(string agentName);


List<Project> All();
Project ByName(string projectLocatorName);
Project ById(string projectLocatorId);
Project Details(Project project);
Project Create(string projectName);
void Delete(string projectName);
void DeleteProjectParameter(string projectName, string parameterName);
void SetProjectParameter(string projectName, string settingName, string settingValue);


List<BuildConfig> All();
BuildConfig ByConfigurationName(string buildConfigName);
BuildConfig ByConfigurationId(string buildConfigId);
BuildConfig ByProjectNameAndConfigurationName(string projectName, string buildConfigName);
BuildConfig ByProjectNameAndConfigurationId(string projectName, string buildConfigId);
BuildConfig ByProjectIdAndConfigurationName(string projectId, string buildConfigName);
BuildConfig ByProjectIdAndConfigurationId(string projectId, string buildConfigId);
List<BuildConfig> ByProjectId(string projectId);
List<BuildConfig> ByProjectName(string projectName);
BuildConfig CreateConfiguration(string projectName, string configurationName);

void SetConfigurationSetting(BuildTypeLocator locator, string settingName, string settingValue);
void PostRawArtifactDependency(BuildTypeLocator locator, string rawXml);
void PostRawBuildStep(BuildTypeLocator locator, string rawXml);
void PostRawBuildTrigger(BuildTypeLocator locator, string rawXml);
void SetConfigurationParameter(BuildTypeLocator locator, string key, string value);
void PostRawAgentRequirement(BuildTypeLocator locator, string rawXml);
void DeleteBuildStep(BuildTypeLocator locator, string buildStepId);
void DeleteArtifactDependency(BuildTypeLocator locator, string artifactDependencyId);
void DeleteAgentRequirement(BuildTypeLocator locator, string agentRequirementId);
void DeleteParameter(BuildTypeLocator locator, string parameterName);
void DeleteBuildTrigger(BuildTypeLocator locator, string buildTriggerId);

void SetBuildTypeTemplate(BuildTypeLocator locatorBuildType, BuildTypeLocator locatorTemplate);
void DeleteSnapshotDependency(BuildTypeLocator locator, string snapshotDependencyId);
void PostRawSnapshotDependency(BuildTypeLocator locator, XmlElement rawXml);
BuildConfig BuildType(BuildTypeLocator locator);

void DeleteConfiguration(BuildTypeLocator locator);
void DeleteAllBuildTypeParameters(BuildTypeLocator locator);
void PutAllBuildTypeParameters(BuildTypeLocator locator, IDictionary<string, string> parameters);
void DownloadConfiguration(BuildTypeLocator locator, Action<string> downloadHandler);


Server ServerInfo();
List<Plugin> AllPlugins();
string TriggerServerInstanceBackup(BackupOptions backupOptions);


List<User> All();
User Details(string userName);
List<Role> AllRolesByUserName(string userName);
List<Group> AllGroupsByUserName(string userName);
List<Group> AllUserGroups();
List<User> AllUsersByUserGroup(string userGroupName);
List<Role> AllUserRolesByUserGroup(string userGroupName);
bool Create(string username, string name, string email, string password);
bool AddPassword(string username, string password);


List<Agent> All();


List<VcsRoot> All();
VcsRoot ById(string vcsRootId);
VcsRoot AttachVcsRoot(BuildTypeLocator locator, VcsRoot vcsRoot);
void DetachVcsRoot(BuildTypeLocator locator, string vcsRootId);
void SetVcsRootField(VcsRoot vcsRoot, VcsRootField field, object value);


List<Change> All();
Change ByChangeId(string id);
Change LastChangeDetailByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);
List<Change> ByBuildConfigId(string buildConfigId);


void DownloadArtifactsByBuildId(string buildId, Action<string> downloadHandler);


Copyright (c) 2013 Paul Stack (@stack72)

Thanks to the following contributors:

  • Barry Mooring (@codingbadger)
  • Simon Bartlett (@sibartlett)
  • Mike Larah (@MikeLarah)
  • Alexander Fast (@mizipzor)
  • Serge Baltic
  • Philipp Dolder
  • Mark deVilliers
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