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Docker Compose Templates

Stacker is a simple tool for defining application environments, aka stacks. Each stack is optimized for development and for production use as well. Stacker is built on top of Docker and Docker Compose as an abstraction layer. The main paradigm followed in designing Stacker was convention over configuration.

📺 Demo

Laravel Wordpress

🏁 Installation

Requirements: node 6+, docker 17+, docker-compose 1.10+. Tested succesfully on Mac OS and Ubuntu.

Install the CLI app globally using NPM.

# install stacker
npm install -g stacker-cli

# make sure it's working
stacker --version

🔥 Getting Started

Before going further, make sure you cd into the root path of your project (cd ~/Projects/test-project).

  1. Generate the stacker.yaml file

    $ stacker init

    If your project already has a stacker.yaml file, this step is not required.

  2. Setup the project on your local machine

    $ stacker link

    This will do several things

    • create a local IP alias (eg.
    • setup your chosen domain name in /etc/hosts
    • add the project to the projects list
  3. Build and start your application

    $ stacker up

    After this you will be able to reach your application using the domain name you choose previously. (eg.

Add your favorite stack!

Is your stack missing? Please open an issue and we'll take care of it. Since we're not experts in all stacks, your input and guidance will be helpful to make a top notch stack. For the moment, we will keep all the stacks inside the official repos just to make sure they all follow best practices.

Here is a list of the stacks we want to add with your help: Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Django, Meteor, Play, Ghost. If you have other stacks in mind just let us know.

📝 Documentation

For full CLI reference, checkout the file.

📜 License

MIT @ Stacker


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