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angular-webpack-plugin Build Status

Makes webpack aware of AngularJS modules.


This project is abandoned!

It became apparent that the common usage patterns of angular modules were simply incompatible with file base modules. This plugin will work if you are careful to identify angular modules with files and structure your dependencies "downwards", but most angular users do it the other way (e.g. declare a module in one file and add directives etc. to that module from other files). The result is that this plugin is only useful if you don't depend on common third party libraries.

For an alternative approach, have a look at

It is at the stage now where you can use it to get angular apps webpacked without needing require() in your code, but it does it by trying to map between angular module names and file names. The conventions for doing this are various, so it will not fit all cases.

To see it in action, I've forked the angular-seed project


Given how complex the problem is, regular test frameworks can't help much. I've developed a small grunt task to run compile scenarios and check the output. It's less than ideal and a little fragile. To add new scenarios, create a directory in test/scenarios containing a webpack.conf.js config file, an in and an out directory. The in directory will be used as the source and the output will be compared against out/bundle.js (ignoring comments etc.).

To run the scenarios::

grunt webpackScenario

by default, it won't show what the output was when it doesn't match, so use

grunt --debug webpackScenario

In addition, karma tests in the verify directory check that the output makes a viable executable using the karma.conf.js file.

The default grunt task checks everything.

Release History

0.0.3 - 7 Dec 2014

Webpack 1.4 and fix for modules using window.angular

0.0.2 - 28 July 2014

Working well enough to build the angular-seed project.

0.0.1 - 22 Apr 2014

First release


Copyright (c) 2014 Paul Thomas. Licensed under the MIT license.