Performance testing tools for use with CmdStan
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Performance testing tools for use with CmdStan


git clone --recursive

Test performance in current working directory

To test the performance of the current cmdstan et al working directory on, for example, @betanalpha's stat_comp_benchmarks model repo, you can run the following:

./ -j8 stat_comp_benchmarks

./ --help for more options.


make clean will recursively remove all non-checked-in files from all submodules. make revert will bring cmdstan and its submodules back to the commit specified by the current commit of the top-level performance-tests-cmdstan repo.

Testing one git commit against another

to test e.g. develop against a branch you've made on cmdstan,

./ develop <branch-name> stat_comp_benchmarks -j8 --runs 10 <other options to>