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Like, Programming
Tired of people telling you what you can and can't say to YOUR computer?
It's about time programming languages understood what the kids are typing these days.
So let's start with a baby step in that direction.

Like, Programming is a place for impractical (read: awesome) extensions to popular
languages that let us do to programming languages what we've been doing to spoken
languages for millenia: corrupting them :)

Note: These are not entirely new syntaxes, like LOLcode, VALSPEAK, and the like. 
When you speak English with "verbal diarrhea" mixed in (like, um, uh, anyway...), 
the person listening has to parse these words out to get to the language lying
underneath. This is essentially what we're doing here, and it tends to be pretty funny

BUT - it has the added benefit of not requiring ANY learning curve to write.  You just
code the language like you normally would, and add in whatever come naturally :)

Like, Languages
*** I hope to have many Like, Languages, and welcome contributors! ***

Like, Python  (/likepython)
Like, Python was created by Jonathan Howard in February 2010 while drinking and reviewing code for an upcoming project with a coworker. At a certain point, higher-level explanations devolved into just flat-out reading Python code like they were actually speaking the language normally - complete with like's, um's, whatever's, etc - making it completely impractical awesome for work. It was then that Jonathan realized he should perhaps stop for the night. And START creating Like, Python.

Like, Squeak  (/likesqueak)
Like, Squeak was created by Andreas Raab after seeing Like, Python on Reddit.
When he finds time to add the code to github, it'll go here. And he'll probably
change this description :)


Tired of being told how to talk to YOUR computer? It's time we coded like the kids are typing these days.






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