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lua-filesize, Lua library to generate a human readable string describing the file size

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Inspired by filesize.js.


$ sudo luarocks install lua-filesize


This library installs a single module called filesize. It is represented with a function of the same name. Principally it takes an integer (filesize) and returns a human readable string describing the file size.

filesize() accepts an optional second argument options of type table, so you can customize the output.

  • base (number) Number base, default is 2

  • bits (boolean) Enables bit sizes, default is false

  • exponent (number) Specifies the SI suffix via exponent, e.g. 2 is MB for bytes, default is -1

  • output (string) Output of function (array, exponent, object, or string), default is string

  • round (number) Decimal place, default is 2

  • spacer (string) Character between the result and suffix, default is " "

  • suffixes (table) Dictionary of SI suffixes to replace for localization, defaults to english if no match is found

  • unix (boolean) Enables unix style human readable output, e.g. ls -lh, default is false


> filesize = require 'filesize'
> filesize(500)
"500 B"
> filesize(500, {bits = true})
"3.91 Kb"
> filesize(265318)
"259.1 KB"
> filesize(265318, {base = 10})
"265.32 kB"
> filesize(265318, {round = 0})
"259 KB"
> filesize(265318, {output = "array"})
{ 259.1, "KB" }
> filesize(265318, {output = "object"})
  value = 259.1,
  suffix = "KB",
> filesize(1, {suffixes = {B = "Б"}})
"1 Б"
> filesize(1024)
"1 KB"
> filesize(1024, {exponent = 0})
"1024 B"
> filesize(1024, {output = "exponent"})


Lua library to generate a human readable string describing the file size



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