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A Text Scanner which can find same or similar sourcecode
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SameCodeFinder is a static code text scanner which can find the similar or the same code file in a big directory.


SameCodeFinder could detect the same function in the source code files. The finder could show the Hamming Distacnce between two funcitons.

  • Find the same code which need to be extract to reuse
  • Show the Hamming Distance between each soucecode file(Support All kinds of soucecode type)
  • Show the Hamming Distance between each soucecode function(Support Java and Object-C now)

The below photo show the calculate result of MWPhotoBrowser Scan result of MWPhotoBrowser

The result come from the command

python ~/Projects/opensource/MWPhotoBrowser/ .m  --max-distance=10 --min-linecount=3 --functions --detail


Install the python implement of SimHash

pip install simhash

Visit A Python Implementation of Simhash Algorithm if you want to know more about the module.

python [arg0] [arg1] 


  • [arg0]
    • Target Directory of files should be scan
  • [arg1]
    • Doc Suffix of files should be scan, eg
      • .m - Object-C file
      • .swift - Swift file
      • .java - Java file
  • --detail
    • show process detail of scan
  • --functions
    • Use Functions as code scan standard
  • --max-distance=[input]
    • max hamming distance to keep, default is 20
  • --min-linecount=[input]
    • for function scan, the function would be ignore if the total line count of the function less than min-linecount
  • --output=[intput]
    • Customize the output file, default is "out.txt"


Python 2.6+, Pip 9.0+, simhash


SameCodeFinder is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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