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Status-(Go)-Nimbus interop.

Current setup: nimbus -> expose bindings and shared library -> status-nim -> status-console-client. Eventually this can expose a similar API as status-go, but for now interop with it is easier.

See experimental support for Nimbus README for latest:


(keeping around in case there are still issues, to be cleaned up / removed)

Misc issues and how to solve them

Can't find

mv /usr/local/lib/`

To run as a standalone process:

Change package name in main.go to main.

go-vendor issues:

> cp -r $GOPATH/src/ $GOPATH/src/

Run from status-term-client:

# checkout nimbus-test branch/PR
make build

> ./bin/status-term-client -keyhex=0xe8b3b8a7cae540ace9bcaf6206e81387feb6415016aee75307976084f7751ed7 2>/tmp/status-term-client.log

Get predictable segfault (see segfault.output)

Replacing libnimbus lib for debugging info:

# Checkout nimbus branch status-c-api
# Run ./
# Copy over shared library to /usr/local/lib
# Ensure your go cache in clean, e.g. through `go clean -cache` so it is using new lib

Run through gdb like this to get stacktrace:

gdb --args ./bin/status-term-client -keyhex=0xe8b3b8a7cae540ace9bcaf6206e81387feb6415016aee75307976084f7751ed7 2>/tmp/status-term-client.log

# run
# Get seg fault
# bt
# => stacktrace

Stacktrace and current integration PRs:

With foreignthread GC hangs:

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