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Tiny Regular Expression Matcher

Chapter 1 of the excellent book "Beautiful Code" discusses Rob Pike's very short and elegant regex parser code. It doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of a full Perl regular expression matcher but is quite sufficient for many purposes.

I extended Rob's C code in such a way that it can handle the following regex meta-symbols:

  • . - match any character
  • * - the previous character is arbitrarily repeated
  • + - the previous character occurs at least once
  • ? - the previous character occurs once or not at all
  • ^ - match regular expression only to the beginning of the text
  • $ - match regular expression only to the end of the text
  • \ - treat next character as a literal, even if it is a regex symbol

My library consists of just one .h and one .c file - that's why it's called "tiny".

See my website for a live demo, code examples and a simple test suite.