A React component that animates its child using springs.
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React Rebound

A React component that animates its (only) child directly in the DOM for maximum performance. Spring physics based on rebound.

Check out a few simple demos here.


A little “pop” on hover:

import {Animate} from 'react-rebound';

<Animate scaleX={this.state.hovered ? 1.1 : 1} scaleY={this.state.hovered ? 1.1 : 1}>
  <button>Hover Me</button>

A color fade (note the array form of the rgb color):

import {Animate} from 'react-rebound';

<Animate color={this.state.hovered ? [238, 85, 34] : [0, 0, 0]}>
  <a href="#" style={{color: '#000'}}>Hover Me</a>

Configuring springs

You can use props to configure the spring that’s driving the animation. The tension and friction parameters are the same as in rebound-js. There’s an extra parameter called delay which defers the animation by the specified number of milliseconds. This is useful for cascading animations.

<Animate translateX={clicked ? 200 : 0} tension={200} friction={400} delay={100}>
  <button {...props}>Click Me</button>

State during animations

Sometimes it’s useful to render children differently during animations. To do that, provide a function as the only child. The function takes one parameter, a boolean that tells you whether an animation is in progress:

import {Animate} from 'react-rebound';

<Animate scaleX={this.state.expanded ? 3 : 1} scaleY={this.state.expanded ? 3 : 1}>
  {animating => <img style={{zIndex: this.state.expanded || animating ? 1 : 0}} />}

Start and end callbacks

In complex situations it might be useful to be notified when an animation starts or ends. Animate provides two callbacks, onStart and onEnd:

  scaleX={expanded ? 5 : 1}
  scaleY={expanded ? 5 : 1}
  <img {...props} />

Supported attributes

See stylistic for the list of supported attributes, though for performance you should try to stick to the transforms and opacity only.