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Release notes for 0.20.5

Steem Velocity 0.20.5 Release Notes


  • Nodes that do not run the RC plugin do not need to upgrade or replay.
  • Non-witness nodes that run the RC plugin should generally replay the blockchain.
  • Exchanges and private full nodes used exclusively by accounts with large Steem Power balances do not urgently need to upgrade or replay [1] [2].

[1] If you choose not to upgrade, you should re-consider if you notice that transactions submitted to your node seem to frequently get "lost," i.e. not included in blocks. Upgrading to 0.20.5 should fix this issue.

[2] If you choose not to upgrade, you should re-consider if the accounts broadcasting transactions on your node have low Steem Power or RC. Upgrading to 0.20.5 should fix issues experienced by such accounts.


  • To fix these known issues for most accounts, witnesses should upgrade immediately without replaying.
  • Witnesses should replay the blockchain to retroactively fix RC of all affected accounts.


  • Fix a timing logic issue introduced when removing RC manabar regeneration cap. #2994
  • Fix an issue which prevents newly created accounts from immediately receiving RC due to the account creation fee. #2997