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Solar time vs standard time

This repository contains tools and data to draw an SVG map of the difference between solar time and standard time.

See the discussion at


  1. Run to download the required data (this comes from Eric Muller and ESRI).

  2. Run to create base.svg.

  3. Use inkscape (at least 0.91) to convert the SVG intp a PNG 6000px wide, base.png.

  4. A few corrections required because of the staleness of the shapefile data are included in the GIMP file map.xcf. Just add the PNG as the bottom layer of the XCF and export map.png.

  5. Roll and crop the map running

Other tools

map_helper.html is a static tool that uses Google Maps API to easily get coordinates for one or more polylines, drawn directly on the map.


Tools and data to create a map of differences between solar time and standard time.



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