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Kirby Plugin to serve a JSON Feed
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Kirby Plugin to serve a JSON Feed. This plugin implements some of the structure fields of the JSON Feed Spec Version 1.


Put the json-feed.php File in the /site/plugins/json-feed folder.

Advanced: Git Submodules

git submodule add site/plugins/json-feed


  1. Create a new page. For example "feed" (Create folder feed in content folder. Create an empty file feed.txt in it)
  2. Create a new template feed.php in /site/template/
  3. Use the following snippet to build your feed:

    echo page('posts')->children()->visible()->flip()->limit(10)->jsonfeed(array(
      'title' => 'My Blog JSON Feed',
      'feed' => url('feed')


Currently the following options can be passed to the jsonfeed method:

  • title: The title which should be display in the feed
  • feed: The URL where the JSON Feed will be available (e.g
  • datefield: The Field which should be used for the date_modified key (Defaults to date)
  • textfield: The Field which should be used for the content_html key (Defaults to text)
  1. Visit /feed on your site and you should see your new JSON RSS Feed.

List of Supported RSS Readers

A short ongoing list of RSS Readers which already support the JSON Format.

Feel free to open an Issue or Pull request if you know more readers which support this new standard (Or if there's another list of supported readers).



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