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Rust implementation of gRPC
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Rust implementation of gRPC protocol, under development.

Some development questions in FAQ.

Current status

It basically works. See grpc-examples/src/bin/greeter_{client,server}.rs. It can be tested for example with go client:

# start greeter server implemented in rust
$ cargo run --bin greeter_server

# ... or start greeter server implemented in go
$ go get -u
$ greeter_server

# start greeter client implemented in rust
$ cargo run --bin greeter_client rust
> message: "Hello rust"

# ... or start greeter client implemented in go
$ go get -u
$ greeter_client rust
> 2016/08/19 05:44:45 Greeting: Hello rust

Client and server are implemented asynchronously.

How to generate rust code

There are two ways to generate rust code from .proto files

Invoke protoc programmatically with protoc-rust-grpc crate


Have a look at readme in protoc-rust-grpc crate.

With protoc command and protoc-gen-rust-grpc plugin


Use generated protos in your project:

In Cargo.toml:

grpc            = "~0.6"
protobuf        = "~2"
futures         = "~0.1"
futures-cpupool = "~0.1"

protoc-rust-grpc = "0.6.1"

In or (or any other submodule):

extern crate protobuf;
extern crate grpc;
extern crate futures;
extern crate futures_cpupool;

pub mod myproto;
pub mod myproto_grpc;


  • Fix performance
  • More tests
  • In particular, add more compatibility tests, they live in interop directory
  • Fix all TODO in sources

Related projects

  • grpc-rs — alternative implementation of gRPC in Rust, a wrapper to C++ implementation
  • httpbis — implementation of HTTP/2, which is used by this implementation of gRPC
  • rust-protobuf — implementation of Google Protocol Buffers
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