utility classes for testing with selenium
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A small set of objects to test webapps via selenium.



public class HomePageObject extends AbstractPageObject {
  public final TextBoxObject username = textBox("username-id");
  public final TextBoxObject password = textBox("password-id");
  public final LinkObject login = link("login-id");

  public HomePageObject(WebDriver d) {

Then in your tests:

public class HomePageTest {
  // setup a WebDriver instance, e.g. in a common base class
  protected static final WebDriver webDriver = ...
  final HomePageObject home = new HomePageObject(webDriver);

  public void testLogin() {

More Information

Dummy Click Div

Because Selenium 2.0 closely mimics the browser, just sending keys to a text box will not cause on change to fire. Instead the text box most lose focus, which only happens when another element is selected.

There are a variety of ways to do this (tabbing to the next/previous element for example), but pageobjects uses a "dummy" div that exists solely for switching the focus away from text elements.

This benefit of the dedicated div is that other elements (next/previous) on your page won't be selected as a side-effect by typing in the current element (potentially causing premature validation/etc.).

The downside is that you need an extra element on your page, but it should be easy to put it in a header/footer somewhere and use the following CSS to hide it:

/* Needs to be onscreen and non-zero size so selenium doesn't complain. */
/* position:fixed is nicety to avoid selenium jumping around to scroll it into view. */
/* z-index:1000 puts it in front of any lightbox glass */
.dummyClickDiv {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0px;
  left: 0px;
  height: 1px;
  width: 1px;
  z-index: 1000;
<div id="dummy-click-div" class=".dummyClickDiv">&nbsp;</div>

This uses position: fixed otherwise if the click div is at the bottom of the page, but a form element is at the top, Selenium will jump back/forth scrolling each into view. This isn't a big deal, just annoying if you're watching the test manually.

Note: You can change the dummy click div id by setting the pageobjects.dummyClickDiv system property, or calling DummyClickDiv.setId. If you set it to null, the dummy element logic will be skipped and shift tab will be used to change focus instead.


Heavily inspired by Selenium's Page Objects, although with a slightly different take.


Available in the http://repo.joist.ws maven repository, as com.bizo pageobjects <version>.