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Stereolabs ZED - YOLO 3D

This package lets you use YOLO (v2, v3 or v4), the deep learning object detector using the ZED stereo camera in Python 3 or C++.

Update : the ZED is now natively supported in YOLO !

1. Setup

The setup detailed setup instructions are available in the Darknet repository.

This is a brief explanation on how to enable the ZED camera support.


Preparing Darknet installation


In order to get the best performance, cuDNN should be install before compiling darknet. Heads over to this TensorFlow documentation article which explains how to setup both CUDA and cuDNN on Ubuntu and Windows.


OpenCV binaries can be downloaded and install from

Alternatively, on Ubuntu :

sudo apt install pkg-config libopencv-dev


On Windows, download and install CMAKE using the binary available here.

On Ubuntu, cmake can be installed using the package manager, i.e : sudo apt install cmake

However the default version of cmake might be too old, it can easily be updated using the script (located in this repository):

sudo bash

Compiling Darknet

Download and compile darknet, following the instructions:

ZED Support Using CMake (recommended)

If the ZED SDK is installed, CMake will automatically detect it and compile with the ZED support. During the CMake configuration, a message will confirm that the ZED SDK was found.

-- A library with BLAS API found.
-- ZED SDK enabled
-- Found OpenMP_C: -fopenmp (found version "4.5")

ZED support Using Makefile

To enable the ZED support in YOLO using the Makefile, simply enable GPU and ZED_CAMERA, it's also recommended to enable CUDNN for improved performances.

2. Launching the sample

Download the yolo weights, yolov4 for instance, and put them in the local folder.

./uselib data/coco.names cfg/yolov4.cfg yolov4.weights zed_camera

SVO files are also supported :

./uselib data/coco.names cfg/yolov4.cfg yolov4.weights /path/to/svo/file.svo

How to use YOLO 3D in Python

The native support is currently only in C++.

For the Python version please refer to instructions in zed_python_sample

Using Docker

A DockerFile is provided in the docker folder

Legacy repository

The original YOLO 3D C++ sources are available in the legacy branch


If you need assistance go to our Community site at