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PowerTip is a jQuery tooltip plugin with some advanced features like hover intent testing, tooltip queueing, and support for complex data.

This software is licensed under the MIT license.

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Getting Started

  • Download the latest stable release from the PowerTip web site or install jquery-powertip from npm.
  • Add the JavaScript and CSS file references to your web site.
  • Add a title or data-powertip attribute to the elements you want to show tooltips for.
  • Run the powerTip() method on those elements.


You can find the documentation for the latest release version on the PowerTip web site. You will find the documentation for the latest in-development version in the doc folder in the GitHub repository.

Reporting Bugs

For bug reports, questions, feature requests, or other suggestions the best way to contact me is to create an issue on GitHub.

Contributor Guide

Make PowerTip better! Join the league of awesome today by submitting a patch! The best way to submit patches is to fork this project on GitHub and submit a pull request. But if you are unwilling or unable to use GitHub I will accept patches in any way you can get them to me (JSFiddle, pastebin, text file, whatever).

Style Guide

These are general guidelines, not rules. I won't refuse a pull request just because it isn't the style that I use.

  • Style guide: In general, follow the Google JavaScript Style Guide.
  • Line wrap: Soft-wrap at 80 characters (go further if wrapping makes code less readable).
  • Indentation: Use tabs for indentation.
  • JSDoc comments: Use closure compiler annotations.
  • Method chaining: Avoid long chained method statements, two or three max.