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This is the project to generate the site

FPCasts is inspired by the webrings that existed in the internet of old, with the goal of helping people find podcasts related to the topic of functional programming.

Both current and "finished"/"completed" podcasts around functional programming are encouraged to be included in the listing, as there is still plenty of valuable ideas even if a episode was published years ago.

The hope for having FPCasts is that by raising awareness of the different podcasts around functional programming, this will help foster a cross-pollination of ideas between the different sub-communities, allowing the ideas to be enhanced and shared back to the larger functional programming community.

If a rising tide raises all ships, this is an attempt to throw some rocks in the ocean to raise the water level even the littlest bit.

Adding a missing podcast

If there is a podcast missing from the list, please create a pull request to add the podcast feed to the listing.

To add a podcast, add the podcast feed to the config/feeds.yml file in the project, and submit the change as a pull request.

Copyright 2017, Steven Proctor

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