Bullshit is the industry leading framework for web development. Everyone is using it!
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Bullshit is the industry leading framework for web development. Everyone is using it!

Bullshit Architecture

Questions (and Answers)

Q: Why use Bullshit?

A: Thanks to Bullshit's amazing, almost completely fabricated capabilities, you'll be able to build applications faster, swiftly, quicker and with alacrity. Our BSDD (bullshit-driven design) methodology is the leading way to get things done in the industry. Who's using it? Everybody!

Q: Who's using Bullshit?

A: Who isn't! I mean, come on, look at all the pull requests we've already had!

Q: How long has Bullshit been around?

A: Bullshit is very mature. Some say it's as old as time.

Q: How does Bullshit work?

A: No one really knows. Some say that it's magic. Personally, I think it's a gift from an alien civilization.

Q: Where does Bullshit work?

A: Where doesn't Bullshit work. amiright? Bullshit can run on your own hardware or devices. The cloud is the perfect place for Bullshit. You'll find Bullshit in pretty much whatever provider you choose, including AWS, Heroku, Azure and just about other one you can name.

Deploying Bullshit

BTW, you can now deploy Bullshit with Shovel, the new cloud-friendly deployment tool. It's part of our new Bullshit-as-a-Service offering.

Contributing To Bullshit

Contributing to Bullshit is easy. In fact, it is likely you're already doing it! If you have a good idea–or not–we are willing to listen to you explain why it's better than the Bullshit framework we have today. And remember, Bullshit is constantly growing, so we are always looking for help with getting things moving.