Postgres Collections for Meteor
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PostgreSQL + Meteor

Adds postgres support to Meteor via SQL.Collection, which is similar to Mongo.Collection and provides the same functionality namely livequery, pub/sub, latency compensation and client side cache.

Still I would not recommend using it in production yet as the ORM layer is open for SQL-injections. You can check out this SQL package blueprint for a possible more sophisticated SQL implementation that could support most popular SQL Databases, Models and Migrations.


  • Tests
  • Proper support for IDs (including strings)
  • Cleaner code and API
  • Support of underscores in table and column names
  • Many bug fixes including
    • errors on creating existent tables (convenient for server startup)
    • postgres client event leak
    • alasql column bug
  • Working example


Run the following from your command line.

    meteor add storeness:meteor-postgres

or add this to your package.js



To get started you might want to take a look at the todo-example code. You can run the code by cloning this repo locally and start it by running MP_POSTGRES=postgres://{username}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{database_name} meteor inside the cloned directory.


To run the test execute the following from your command line.

MP_POSTGRES=postgres://{YOUR USERNAME ON THE MACHINE}:numtel@localhost:5439/postgres JASMINE_SERVER_UNIT=1 VELOCITY_TEST_PACKAGES=1 meteor --port 4000 test-packages --driver-package velocity:html-reporter storeness:meteor-postgres

and check on localhost:4000


We use Node-Postgres on the server and AlaSQL on the client. Also thanks to Meteor-Postgres as this project is based on their initial work, but which gets not longer maintained.


Released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.