Build simple, secure web applications with Stormpath and Flask!
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Build simple, secure web applications with Stormpath and Flask!

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You can find this project's documentation on ReadTheDocs:

Sample Application

If you'd like to hop directly into some code, we've built a sample application, which demonstrates how Flask-Stormpath can be used to build a very simple user-facing website with user registration, login, dashboard, etc.

You can find the project on GitHub here:

This application provides a simple local web server that allows you to create users, log them in, log them out, etc.

You can use this as a reference for implementing Flask-Stormpath into your Flask projects.


This library is largely based on the excellent Flask-Login library. Most functionality is piggybacked off this library, including secure user sessions / etc.

Right now we're rapidly developing this library to make it easy for Flask developers to add user authentication to their projects without the complication that comes along with it.

If you have features or suggestions, please let me know!