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A really basic HTTP server in the style of Flask/Sinatra, written in Java (that you probably shouldn't use)
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It's an HTTP server, written in JAVA!

Originally a more generic version of the HTTP server used by Storyteller, httpserver is a poorly named, easy to use, and simple HTTP server, that's written in Java.

We originally wrote our own HTTP server for Storyteller because we couldn't find an easy to integrate and relatively simple (to the end user) HTTP server for Java. httpserver takes inspiration from simple microframeworks like Sinatra and Flask.

How does it work?

At present we have a home spun HTTP server, which manages all incoming requests. One of our current goals is to switch to being a simple abstraction layer on top of a better foundation, probably Jetty.


You can see an example server inside the test.ServerApplicationTest class. While it's not complete, and doesn't actually run a server, it shows the basis of how you'd build a new application.

At some point in the near future, we hope to have an example application included in the source.

Helping out

If you see something fishy, or want to contribute in any way, including fixing any obvious issue (and even the non-obvious ones), please submit a pull request, or make an issue, or email me (Don Kuntz,

Really, if you think something needs fixing, feel free to mention it, and if we agree, we'll make the fix.


java-httpserver is based on some of the work done by Don Kuntz and Michael Peterson over the summer of 2013 while working on Storyteller.

This project is licensed under the MIT License (see While not required, if you use this, we'd like to know about it, just alert us, somehow.

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