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Slides from Clojure/West 2012
VimL Clojure
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Caputo-ContinuousTestingInClojure added slides for continuous testing in cljure talk
Hagelberg-SwarmCoding Swarm Coding PDF and source.
.gitignore Swarm Coding PDF and source. Added missing files to
Bedra-TheGenerativeGeneration.pdf Add Aaron Bedra slides and link to Bill Caputo talk
Brubacher-Cascalog.pdf Slides for Federico Brubacher
CLJS_clojure-west-FOGUS.pdf Added CLJS CW slides
Corfield-Boring.pdf Update job link
Cross-Prismatic.pdf Add Bradford Cross slides
Crossley-Introducing-Immutant.pdf Introducing Immutant slides
Dipert-ProgrammingWithValues.pdf adding slides
Duey-DSLs.pdf Add renamed slides
Gabriel-EngineeringScienceIncommensurability.pdf Add Richard Gabriel slides Couple extra links at the end of Swarm Coding.
Hagelberg-SwarmCoding.pdf Couple extra links at the end of Swarm Coding.
Halloway-EvidentCodeAtScale.pdf Add Halloway slides Add McNeil slides
Patterson-RealWorldAPIs.pdf Added my slides fix bad markdown
Rathore-Runa.pdf and the slides
Rohner-JRuby.pdf Re-export slides Added slides/code for the "Practical core.logic" session
Solano-Gómez-Crunching-Numbers-with-Clojure.pdf Add slides for 'Crunching Numbers with Clojure'
StackTraces-Longbottom-Chouser.pdf Add pdf for chouser talk
StackTraces-Longbottom-Chouser.svg Fix Chouser's slides
Taming_of_The_Deftype_Baishampayan_Ghose.pdf Add My talk slides.
Tellman-Distilling-Java-Libraries.pdf add slides for 'Distilling Java Libraries' Add Vanderhart slides
bootstrapping_clojure_at_groupon.pdf Groupon slides
cemerick-what-sucks-about-clojure-and-why-youll-love-it-anyway.pdf Slides from Chas Emerick
deGrandis-ClojurePoweredStartups.pdf Clojure Powered Startups by Paul deGrandis
kriger-load_testing_with_clojure.tbz Load Testing with Clojure by Andy Kriger
lynaghk_statistical_graphics_clojurescript.pdf Add Kevin Lynagh's "Statistical graphics, ClojureScript, &c." slides.
marz-storm.pdf added storm slides
monadWritingDesk.pdf Why is a Monad like a Writing Desk?
slagyr-clojure-in-the-clouds.pdf added clojure in the clouds
tbatchelli-pallet-devops-for-the-jvm.pdf Add Pallet, DevOps for the JVM talk.
trptcolin-SOLID-Clojure.pdf Add SOLID clojure
whitaker-helping-adhd-kids.pdf adds Alan Whitaker slides

This repo holds slides from the Clojure/West 2012 conference. All slides are copyright the speaker and unless otherwise specified by the author, all rights are reserved by the author. Links to video will be added as they are released.


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