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Strapi Migration Scripts

This repository contains notes and scripts to run data migrations between Strapi versions

Supported Databases

When referring to SQL databases we mean officially supported databases by Strapi:

  • MySQL >= 5.7.8
  • MariaDB >= 10.2.7
  • PostgreSQL >= 10
  • SQLite >= 3

For more information on supported databases, please see the deployment guidelines in the Strapi documentation.

Script Status

Some scripts may be in various states, you should pay careful attention to what state the script is in as it may not have had significant testing for all use-cases! Current script states are as follows:

  • Alpha: We have not tested this with any "real world" like applications, only in limited environments
  • Beta: We have tested this in a small number of "real world" like applications and/or we have had some actual users do closed beta testing on it
  • Stable: We have had large scale testing and it is believed to be in a stable state
  • Legacy: This script is considered EOL and will no longer be updated



Huge thank you to the following people, teams, or companies that helped build the content of this repo: