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API creation made simple, secure and fast.

The most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort.

Labels description:

PR's labels:

flag: 💥 Breaking change - If an update breaks generated API of an application configuration (if replacing plugins and admin is not enough to apply the update to an existing application)

Define the type of the PR (apply just one of these):

  • pr: 🐛 Bug fix
  • pr: 💅 Enhancement
  • pr: 🚀 New feature

Define where the PR apply main changes (apply just one of these):

  • source: Admin
  • source: Documentation
  • source: Framework
  • source: Plugin

⚠️ All these labels have to be carefully assign cause they are automatically used to generate the change log for a new release

Issue's labels:

Define the type of the issue (apply just one of these):

  • type: bug 🐛 - If it breaks the product or is not a finished feature
  • type: discussion ✍️ - If we have to discuss about a topic before work is started on the issue
  • type: documentation 📖 - If an update has to be done in the documentation
  • type: enhancement 💅 - If it's an update of the UI or UX
  • type: feature request 🙏 - If it is a new feature requested by a user
  • type: help wanted 🤷‍♂️ - If the issue is a not directly concerning Strapi or it's a mistake of the user
  • type: question 🙋 - When a user has a question

Define the priority:

  • priority: critical - If the issue as a security impact or break core usage of the product
  • priority: high - If it break the basic use of the product (not usable)
  • priority: medium - If we plan to work on or if it's between high and low definition.
  • priority: low - If we not plan to work on, typically good for new contributors to work on

⚠️Only apply priority label if the issue is a bug type.

Define the status:

  • status: can't reproduce - If we are not able to reproduce with the same Strapi, Node and Npm version
  • status: confirmed - If the issue is valid
  • status: duplicate - If the issue is a duplicate, in this case: Apply this label, send the link of the other issue and close.
  • status: have to reproduce - It's a kind of reminder to test the issue - basically if we read the issue and haven't time to test it.
  • status: need informations - If the issue have missing information or it's not completely clear what the issue is.

⚠️Only apply priority label if the issue is a bug type.

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