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strichliste-backend Build Status

strichliste ([ʃtʀɪçˈlɪstə], German word for tally sheet) is a tool to replace a tally sheet inside a hackerspace. It is the first project developed by the hackerspace bootstrap organization. It’s aim is to provide a no-frills, easy-to-setup and -to-use solution for managing your organization’s snack bar.

How it works?

The processes implemented by strichliste inherently assumes to be used by a trusted audience. Each user intending to buy something from your kiosk is required to have a user account with strichliste. This can be done by registering your username (no other data is required).

Once an account is available, buying an item is as simple as deducting the equivalent value of the item from your account. Administrators of strichliste can define a lower or upper bound for the users’ credit balance. For example, administrators can configure that it is not allowed to have a negative balance.

Cashing your account works the same as the inverse of buying an item: Simply charge your account with the given amount and it will take effect immediately.

It’s as simple as that!


Curious to see how it works? Check out our Demo at

API Documentation

For a full documentation or the strichliste2 API, please see the file.

Config Documentation

For documentation of the config parameters in config/services.yml, please read the file.