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Strophe.js community plugins
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Strophe.js Plugins

Please Note: This repository used to contain all the plugins. They have since been split out into their own repositories so that they can be managed and released independently. For more info, see ticket #123

Strophe.js is a JavaScript library for speaking XMPP in web applications. It supports extension via a plugin system.

Below is listed a collection Strophe.js plugins created and maintained by the community. The homepage for this collection is

How to use

Strophe plugins extend the Strophe.Connection object by calling Strophe.addConnectionPlugin.

This enables us to then access the plugin as an attribute on the connection object.

For example, here the "roster" plugin is used:

var connection = new Strophe.Connection(bosh_service_url);
connection.roster.get(function () {});

Available Plugins

XMPP Extensions


extensions used in Internet of Things (IoT)

Other Plugins


If you would like to make your own plugin available here, please create a ticket in the issue tracker and someone will create a new repository for you.


The book Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery is also available, which covers Strophe in detail in the context of web applications. You can find more information and two free chapters ( including one specifically on writing Strophe.js plugins ) at the homepage of the book.

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